Jun 16 • 34M

Alex West x Vaibhav Dwivedi - The Brain Psych Podcast

The Brain Psych Podcast - episode #2

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Listen to your founders go deeper into how they function, execute & work on their products & ideas. This podcast is all about decoding their mindset, motives and psychology around it. Also, picking their brains around questions which are left unanswered.
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In this episode of The Brain Psych Podcast with Alex West,

Alex and Vaibhav have a conversation on current life, his experience building businesses, learnings and what his favourite movie is.

Hint: it's not Star Wars. Alex West is building a $1M solo business while traveling the world.

The Brain Psych Podcast Episode #2

Currently at $300k/yr with http://cyberleads.com. He previously failed with 19 products. Learn more about him at Alexwest.co

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