Relevance fallacies

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How’s it going for you? (I actually look forward to responses, this is not for formality :)

Let’s talk about the Fallacy of Relevance fallacies.

What is it?

When there is no relevance between premise and conclusion in an argument.

Examples -

“We all know that fruits have sugar in them, and sugar is the main cause of diabetes, so obviously we must ban all fruit to protect the public’s health.”

Where does it occur?

In different places, where arguments are being attempted for claiming something or maybe to make something appear ‘legitimized’.

Why do I need to know?

Fallacies are tricky because sometimes they seem like good arguments. If you are never introduced to fallacies, in fact, people using them might even sound clever. [2]

Takeaways: -

We will talk more about relevance fallacies which will acquaint you to get better at understanding fallacies.

In the meantime, take a look at the following references to know more!

References & Studies: -



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