Selective Perception 🏉

🧠 Psych - 6 / 100


We are going to discuss about Selective Perception 🔮.

What is it?

Allowing our expectations to influence how we perceive the world.

Example -

An experiment involving a football game between students from two universities showed that one team saw the opposing team commit more infractions.

Another visual example,

Where does it occur?

It happens with all of us and everywhere around us.

One of the great example being Twitter. A lot of debates happening around a topic are basically because of selective information. Just because people are seeing things from one side, they will tweet about it too (without researching and knowing the full story behind it).

Why do I need to know?

In everyday things around us, You will be “thrown” to selective information to make you believe in things, sell you things you might not need.


  1. We can never analyze or assimilate all of the information, we are given.

  2. We will (most of the times) select information based on our interests, background, experience and attitude.

  3. Look for things from another people’s point of view. Ask others opinion, just to know how they are seeing things.

  4. Use the phenomenon to give “selective exposure” to your customers.