Self-serving Bias 🤘

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Today, We will discuss what Self-serving Bias 🤘 is about.

What is it?

It is defined as the tendency where we attribute the occurrence of positive events on ourself but when it comes to negative events, we’ll credit or blame it on the external factors.

Example -

When a child gets good grades in a subject, they’ll say because they worked hard for it but when they perform bad in other subjects, they might say that it is because of the professor who teaches that subject poorly.

Where does it occur?

It is the human tendency to “Serve ourself” first at a number of events which take place in life.

Whether it is in your business, personal or professional life, you can observe the phenomenon taking place.

Why do I need to know?

The Self-serving bias can blind us to the ways in which we are prejudice in favor of ourselves. One of the reason it occurs is to feed our own self-esteem. About, how we appear or present us to ourself!

Indeed, it can cause even the most well-intentioned of us to completely overlook our own bad actions and wrong doings.


  1. Self-awareness and compassion can help us to mitigate self-serving bias.

  2. Start taking the critics from the logical perspective. See if that is actually true in regards to your actions.

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