Tu Quoque Fallacy

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Today, let’s discuss the Tu Quoque (too-kwo-kweh) Fallacy.

What is it?

When the argument is discredited on the basis of hypocrisy. It also means the appeal to hypocrisy.

Examples -

“How can you tell me not to experiment with drugs when you did the same thing as a teenager? “

Or this example,

Where does it occur?

The Tu Quoque fallacy is a form of the ad hominem fallacy which does not attack a person for random, unrelated things;

Instead, it is an attack on someone for a perceived fault in how they have presented their case. [1]

Why do I need to know?

These arguments and fallacies are a great ways to shift your focus to different, irrelevant things by targeting at a close or sometimes personal level. Thus, deviating from the main topic.

Takeaways: -

Don’t let such arguments affect you or your stand on a fair point.

References & Studies: -

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  2. https://bardoloi.com/blog/2017/09/27/tu-quoque/

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